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Warriors, Soldiers, Guards and Beasts engage in mortal Kingdom Espionage combat

Warriors, Soldiers, Guards and Beasts engage in mortal Kingdom Espionage combat


IMG_4745 espionage_prop_armor-statue_017 espionage_prop_fireplace_013 espionage_prop_dragon-skull_013 espionage_env_lion-castle-dungeon_000 Laboratory Concept

Come back soon to check out the latest concept art!


Check out some of our new castle designs!



A rocky underpass for ships to make anchor when approaching one of the castles in progress.



Dangerous rock formations look like knives jutting up out of the water.



Put all the pieces together with a castle design to get a castle on a cliff like the one above!


Kingdom Espionage Hero in gameplay 2Kingdom Espionage Hero in gameplay

Now available in gameplay: the first “Hero” avatar!


KC_Baby Dragon Concept 2

The baby dragon can morph, from cute and cuddly… to cute and deadly!



Purchase building units like the archery range, where you can train archers to become deadly assassins in service of your kingdom!


KC_Archer Concepts


Hire different styles of archers to lead into battle. A highly skilled archer may be your best opportunity to defeat your opponent’s dragons!



The spearmen are also available for hire, and bring a powerfully resilient force to your castle raids.


KC_Beast Concepts

Purchase beasts like the werewolf or the ogre for brute-force protection and aggressive demolition of your opponents defenses.




As you climb up the ranks and become a knight, you can have a trusted squire in your service, an important companion in any battle!


More concept art is soon to come!

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