Kickstarter Approval!

Kingdom: Espionage has been reviewed and accepted by Kickstarter! We want to have our marketing advisor look it over once with any suggestions and then we will be ready to launch. We appreciate your support!

Kingdom Espionage Hero in gameplay 2

3 thoughts on “Kickstarter Approval!

  1. Later and if you allow it I’d like to exchange links with you, so my visitors can come to you and vice versa. Don’t worry, my game is of completely different idea, we won’t compete.

    • Edreyn, thanks for the all the positive support. Sorry I haven’t been able to get back to you yet. I have one other person helping me out with responding to everyone so if he has contacted you via a different source I apologize for the redundancy. Feel free to send me links and info regarding your game using the Contact Us page at or by sending it here. We should probably review and discuss internally, but sharing some traffic sounds like a good idea to me! Best, ~Ehrich

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